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Know your users, and give solutions for their needs. But, to earn your users' constancy and loyalty, you also need to give them the best possible experience with your site. Be sure your visitors can:

- Easy find your web site
- Load your site as well on a poor network connection
- Open your site from any possible device
- Access your site with assistive technology, like a screen readers or any portable devices

Mobify.site is the Lighthouse based tool for your success

Measure your site with Mobify.site to get guidance you can use to improve:

Use of best practices
Progressive Web App status
Search engine optimization

Performance tests

These checks ensure that your page is optimized for users to be able to see and interact with page content.

How the Performance score is weighted

The Performance score is a weighted average of the metric scores. Naturally, more heavily weighted metrics have a bigger effect on your overall Performance score. The metric scores are not visible in the report, but are calculated under the hood.

The weightings are chosen to provide a balanced representation of the user's perception of performance. The weightings have changed over time because the Lighthouse team is regularly doing research and gathering feedback to understand what has the biggest impact on user-perceived performance.


First Contentful Paint
First Meaningful Paint
Speed Index
First CPU Idle
Time to Interactive
Max Potential First Input Delay
Total Blocking Time
Largest Contentful Paint


Eliminate render-blocking resources
Properly size images
Defer offscreen images
Minify CSS
Minify JavaScript
Remove unused CSS
Efficiently encode images
Serve images in next-gen formats
Enable text compression
Preconnect to required origins
Reduce server response times
Avoid multiple page redirects
Preload key requests
Use video formats for animated content
Reduce the impact of third-party code

Best Practices audits

These checks highlight opportunities to improve the overall code health of your web site and contains following metrics:

General best practices audits

Page lacks the HTML doctype, thus triggering quirks mode
Browser errors
Images with incorrect aspect ratio

Page speed audits

HTTP/2 resources usage
Uses document.write()
Passive listeners usage to improve scrolling performance

Web page security audits

HTTPS usage
Links to cross-origin destinations
Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities

Good user experience audits

Geo-location permission on page load
Notification permission on page load
Prevents users from pasting into password fields

Deprecated technologies audits

Application Cache usage
Deprecated APIs usage

Diagnostic audits

JavaScript libraries detection

Progressive Web App audits

These checks validate the aspects of a Progressive Web App. Measure if your site is fast, reliable and installable. Included metrics:

Fast and reliable

Page load on mobile networks
Current page response code when offline
Does start_url respond with a 200 when offline?


Does page use HTTPS?
Does not register a service worker that controls page and start_url
Web app manifest does not meet the installability requirements

PWA optimized

Does not redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS?
Is not configured for a custom splash screen?
Does not set a theme color for the address bar?
Content is not sized correctly for the viewport
Does not have a <meta name="viewport"> tag with width or initial-scale?
Does not provide fallback content when JavaScript is not available?
Does not provide a valid apple-touch-icon?

Additional items to manually check

Site works cross-browser
Page transitions don't feel like they block on the network
Each page has a URL

Search engine optimization audits

These checks ensure that your page is optimized for search engine results ranking. You need to know how well can search engines understand your content. We check following issues:

Search engines understand your content

Document doesn't have a <title> element
Document does not have a meta description
Links do not have descriptive text
Document doesn't have a valid hreflang
Document does not have a valid rel=canonical

Search engines can crawl and index your page

Page has unsuccessful HTTP status code
Page is blocked from indexing
robots.txt is not valid
Document uses plugins

Is your page mobile-friendly?

Does not have a <meta name="viewport"> tag with width or initial-scale
Document doesn't use legible font sizes
Tap targets are not sized appropriately

Accessibility audits

These checks highlight opportunities to improve the accessibility of your web page. Be sure that all users can access your content and navigate your site effectively. Mobify.site will help to check following spots:

Audit scoring

Lighthouse accessibility scoring


[accesskey] values are not unique
The page does not contain a heading, skip link, or landmark region
[id] attributes on active, focusable elements are not unique
Heading elements are not in a sequentially-descending order
Some elements have a [tabindex] value greater than 0


[aria-*] attributes do not match their roles
[aria-hidden="true"] is present on the document <body>
[aria-hidden="true"] elements contain focusable descendants
ARIA input fields do not have accessible names
[role]s do not have all required [aria-*] attributes
Elements with an ARIA [role] that require children to contain a specific [role] are missing some or all of those required children
[role]s are not contained by their required parent element
[role] values are not valid
ARIA toggle fields do not have accessible names
[aria-*] attributes do not have valid values
[aria-*] attributes are not valid or misspelled
ARIA IDs are not unique

Names and labels

Buttons do not have an accessible name
Document doesn't have a <title> element
Form fields have multiple labels
<frame> or <iframe> elements do not have a title
Image elements do not have [alt] attributes
<input type="image"> elements do not have [alt] text
Form elements do not have associated labels
Links do not have a discernible name
<object> elements do not have [alt] text


Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio

Tables and lists

<dl>s do not contain only properly ordered <dt> and <dd> groups, <script>, or <template> elements
Definition list items are not wrapped in <dl> elements
Lists do not contain only <li> elements and script supporting elements (<script> and <template>)
List items (<li>) are not contained within <ul> or <ol> parent elements
Presentational <table> elements do not avoid using <th>, <caption>, or the [summary] attribute
Cells in a <table> element that use the [headers] attribute refer to an element ID not found within the same table
<th> elements and elements with [role="columnheader"/"rowheader"] do not have data cells they describe

Best practices

The document uses <meta http-equiv="refresh">
[user-scalable="no"] is used in the <meta name="viewport"> element or the [maximum-scale] attribute is less than 5

Audio and video

<audio> elements are missing a <track> element with [kind="captions"]
<video> elements do not contain a <track> element with [kind="captions"]
<video> elements do not contain a <track> element with [kind="description"]

Internationalization and localization

<html> element does not have a [lang] attribute
<html> element does not have a valid value for its [lang] attribute
[lang] attributes do not have a valid value

Remember, that always remain some items to check manually, like

Does the page has a logical tab order?
Interactive controls are keyboard focusable
Interactive elements indicate their purpose and state
The user's focus is directed to new content added to the page
User focus is not accidentally trapped in a region
Custom controls have associated labels
Custom controls have ARIA roles
Visual order on the page follows DOM order
Offscreen content is hidden from assistive technology
HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve navigation

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